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Greg Allen has earned the reputation as one of Australia’s foremost watercolour artists. He is also a remarkable teacher who can analyse and explain the features of composition and technique which contribute to excellence.


These are proper structured classes with a common subject that we all learn from, aided by regular Greg Allen demonstrations and theory lectures ranging from the basics of paper and paint through to direct and fresh watercolour application and into the basis of design and composition and colour and tone. These are not ‘bring your own idea’ classes, however more individual freedom is explored the better the student becomes.

A considerable range of subjects will be tackled over various terms. Starting with general landscape subjects, we will eventually move to seascapes , snow scenes , nocturnes, city scenes, Venetian canal views, boat analysis, then animal subjects and eventually portraiture and figurative work.



Greg Allen

Watercolour Classes


WHEN:  Tuesday morning, afternoon and evening.



Morning - 10am to 1pm (3 hours)

Afternoon -  2pm to 5pm (3 hours)

Evenings  - 6.30pm to 9.30pm (3 hours)

COST:                   $520.00 per 8 week term

Basic watercolour skills and knowledge required.



Email Greg to reserve your place;

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